Scientific Program

Preliminary Program


Wednesday afternoon 5 September

Systemic connective tissue diseases with a focus on systemic sclerosis
includes lectures and case presentations


Thursday  6 September
Session 1
Update on synthetic and biologic therapies
SCR General Assembly 
Parallel session 2
Burden of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Parallel session 3
Lymphocyte responses in autoimmune diseases
Coffee break 
Parallel session 4
Autoinflammatory syndromes
Parallel session 5
Pain in arthritis patients
Opening ceremony including opening lecture 


Friday 7  September
Satellite symposium
Parallel session 6
Parallel session 7
Genetics and gene expression
Coffee break 
Parallel session 8
Spondylarthritis and seronegative arthritis
Parallel session 9
Innate immunity in arthritis
Parallel session 10
Hyperuricemia and gout
Parallel session 11
Signal transduction pathways in arthritis
Coffee break 
Parallel session 12
Parallel session 13
Myositis and myopathy
Satellite symposium 


Saturday 8  September
Satellite symposium
Parallel session 14
New imaging techniques in rheumatology
Parallel session 15
Anti-citrulline and anti-carbamylated protein antibodies in rheumatoid arthritis
Coffee break 
Parallel session 16
New therapies in inflammatory arthritides
Parallel session 17
Novel contributors in the etiopathogenesis of arthritis

Session 18
Rheumatology in 2040